What is Pine Cay?

Pine Cay is a private island in the Turks and Caicos Islands, between Providenciales (PLS International Airport) and North Caicos. It is the home of The Meridian Club, a small boutique hotel with restaurant, and roughly three dozen private homes. The members of the Pine Cay Homeowners Association collectively own the island.

Where is BlueSky?

On the beach on Pine Cay, part way between the Clubhouse and the marina. Views from the deck include sunsets, open water, distant views to Providenciales, and nearby views of national park Fort George. The opportunity to stroll down a sandy path from the beachside staircase directly to a tranquil beach – to launch a kayak or sailboat or paddle board or swim or float in the water – is unmatched.

How do you get to Pine Cay?

Pine Cay has a fleet of boats to ferry homeowners and hotel guests to and from the private island from the Leeward area of Providenciales. Flights to Providenciales (PLS airport) arrive daily from several locations throughout the US (including New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte and many others), Canada and the UK. Following a brief taxi ride to the dock area, pre-arranged Meridian Club boats bring guests right to the Pine Cay marina. Homeowners and guests of the Club use electric-powered golf carts (or walking or bicycling) to get around Pine Cay.

If one is interested in purchasing a home on Pine Cay, the first step is usually to arrange a stay at The Meridian Club hotel and get to know the wonders of this private island first-hand.

Learn more about The Meridian Club here: https://meridianclub.com/

How do I find out more about BlueSky?

Please feel free to ask any questions via email: BlueSkyPCTCI@gmail.com

If you are currently on island, staying at The Meridian Club hotel or with a Pine Cay homeowner, please email and we can arrange access to the home.